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Naughty Dog, creators of the multiple-award-winning Uncharted videogame series, were set to make a huge impact with their latest creation. An unusual studio with a unique, collaborative approach to videogame development, they needed an equally collaborative production team.

The Documentary

A feature-length exploration of the game's creation, GROUNDED: Making the Last of Us is a love letter to the trials of exploring new territory. There are no road maps or guide books for creating a new world. The only way through is to fail—over and over again. This is the story of how a team of artists, musicians, programmers, writers, actors, filmmakers, playtesters, and a lonely UI designer—came together and pushed each other to build something larger than themselves.


The Series

Through the course of five, short documentary episodes, key features of The Last of Us  are shown.


The Beauty of Abandonment  

A wordless study of the world, events, and characters through the lens of art. Set to a musical score from composer Gustavo Santaolalla.