Editing, Camera, Direction, Production
Jumping straight into the production world from college, Jason has been editing and shooting inspired work for over a decade. Moving seamlessly between any style of cinematography and editing, Jason’s vital commitment to storytelling is what brings every AREA 5 production to life.


Production, Motion Design, BizDev, Editing
With a twelve-year career in web and print design starting in 1994, and an animation career starting in 2006, Matt is strident in his commitment to quality for both front-end VFX work and back-end production, business, and finance for AREA 5.


Direction, Editing, Camera, Creative
Chief creative strategist for AREA 5, Ryan has been producing cutting-edge content since 2002 and revolutionized web video with “The 1UP Show” in 2005. Thirteen years of hands-on direction, cinematography, and editing experience for feature-length documentaries, weeklies, and short, inspired web videos make him a master storyteller in all formats.


Camera, Direction, Production, Color
A specialist of production techniques in college and after, Cesar is the AREA 5 expert to turn to for all things visual. His decade-long devotion to mastering gear during production, and mastering color in post, gives AREA 5 the ideal pipeline for finishing the most original and dynamic images; moving or still, on time and on budget.


Financial Backing, Production
With a solid background in film production and criticism, Rick saw an opportunity to become part of a team that would share his passion for creating work of the highest quality.