Since Cesar was the only one at TGS this year, we asked him to do some light documenting of Japan for us so that we could live his experiences vicariously.

The new stuff this week consists of Cesar's pretty sweet travel log of his time in Japan during TGS. Japan is certainly unique and here within are some of the primary reasons why.

Since we're on vacation we were struggling with what to put in a show when we're not even supposed to have a show and the idea came up to post something most of you probably haven't seen. Prior to CO-OP being part of the Revision3 family of programming, Area 5 produced the show solely for your YouTube channel. 

CO-OP 0004 was a test-bed show for Revision3 where we actually produced the entire thing in HD so that they could try out their compression settings and what not in advance of our first, actual premiere on the network. Here, for the first time anyway, are the two game segments from CO-OP 0004 in HD.


Dan Hsu may no longer maintain the Sorethumbsblog, but yeah, that's what the titles for that section say in this episode because back when this segment was shot that was still before the launch of the awesome BitMob. Ryan and Cesar are also in this segment that talks about what makes this bit of DLC a definite must-have.


Miguel Lopez now works for GameTrailers, but back when he and Ryan had this chat about Street Figher IV he was still going strong at GameSpy. In a an excelleng segment that is prat reminiscing about past SF glory days and part review of the latest incarnation, it's one of the segments we are most proud of from our "Season 0" time period.