CO-OP arrives on Revision3!

From the creator of the universally beloved Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy is such a simplistic experience that it defies explanation save by complex sentences. Luckily, the always brilliant Tiff Chow was available to raise the level of discourse which would undoubtedly have ensued (see: immature jokes involving the words "stretch" and "length") had Cesar and Matt been allowed to carry on the conversation alone.

Rainbows, eating, and pooping may not be your thing (just watch the Noby segment, you'll get it), but perhaps gritty, realistic, eye-meltingly gorgeous first person shooter, is? Our friends John Davison and Will Tuttle join Ryan in our critical assessment of what may be the PS3's largest contribution to the console FPS pedigree.

Of course before we did all this we had to get the band back together! Being the first of the month, half our team--Jason, Rob, and Cesar--went on to find new jobs in order to pay their rent. Can we convince them to come back in time to land the deal with Revision3? The fact that this show description exists at all is probably spoiler enough on THAT front. Sorry about that.