Season 5, Episode 01

We did a 24-hour livestream marathon last year for our Outerlands Kickstarter. During that marathon we promised that if we were successfully by its conclusion that we would deliver 6 new episodes. We were funded, and now we are going to deliver! This first episode is from our time at GDC 2015 where we comment about the numerous small titles that you won't see much of anywhere else. The next 5 episodes will be coming every 4-6 weeks, so makes sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Never heard of CO-OP?

Back in the heady days of 2009, AREA 5 produced a show for just over a year (first edited and then some live shows just before it went away) that combined narratives skits and video game reviews into a show that came out just about every week. Lots of random friends who worked at various videogame websites and blogs would show up. More than just a love-fest for all the games everyone already knew were out there, CO-OP made a special effort to hone in on the small but significant experiences that were just getting overlooked by the larger games media universe. You can watch all the old episodes here.