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GROUNDED: Making The Last of Us Trailer

This trailer contains no spoilers—either of the film or the game. However, if you plan to play The Last of Us it is highly recommended that you beat the game before watching the full film.

Area 5 is very proud to present our trailer for this feature length documentary on the creation of The Last of Us.

Making a new IP is hard. Really hard. Even when you're a venerated and much-beloved game development studio like Naughty Dog (Uncharted, Jak & Daxter), you're leaping headlong into a sea of unanswered questions when embarking on a journey like this; questions that can only be resolved through failure, after failure, after failure.

But that's the Naughty Dog way. Their unique corporate culture cultivates a flurry of creative energy like few places on Earth. The Last of Us is a game shaped by visionaries, but given form through the dedication of hundreds of individuals—each with the power to shape the vision at the highest level. Everyone that worked on the game made their mark, and the heroes of our film represent but a tiny fraction of the incredible amount of effort which finally brought it all together. Actors, directors, artists, sound designers, and engineers; at Naughty Dog everyone is a storyteller.

We hope that whether or not you play the game, you'll still enjoy their stories.

Right now you can only get the film by buying a season pass of content to The Last of Us. If you choose to do so, we hope you'll come back and tell us what you think.