Outerlands Slacker Backer Now Available!

For all our international friends, potential backers that missed out during the Kickstarter campaign period, and those who wanted or needed some alternate ways to support the project, we're very happy to be working with The Humble Bundle to offer up two Slacker Backer options! A regular edition digital download and a special edition digital download. As with our Kickstarter backers, your downloads will not be available until July 2015. You could, of course, wait until then, but every dollar that comes in now is another dollar we can spend making Outerlands better.

If you've to an audience and would like to link to our little widgets directly, here's some handy cut-n-paste web-coding for maximum enjoyment-use™!

<a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/product/outerlands_seasonone/XLKdjwoi4j" target="_blank">Outerlands: Season One Slacker Backer!</a>
<a href="http://area5.tv/outerlands/" target="_blank">Outerlands: Season One Slacker Backer!</a>