You may have already heard about our new documentary series we're calling Outerlands. Tomorrow we're going to do a live stream the Outerlands Twitch channel. We'll answer all of your questions about the project and our friend Disasterpeace (FEZ Soundtrack) is going to do a live improv piano performance! (Well, live via Skype, but that's still live!). Disasterpeace is one of the musicians who's graciously come on board for the Outerlands soundtrack!

Outerlands Logo.jpg


  • 4PM - Stream Begins -- Q&A with AREA 5 Team. LIVE from their Hole-In-The-Wall office in San Francisco!
  • 4:30PM - Disasterpeace joins us! He'll be performing improv piano and, time permitting, answer a few questions!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the project yet, watch the video below and then read about the awesome backer rewards, and super cool partners we've got on board to help us make this project the best it can be!