Most people have never had the privilege of visiting a development studio or movie studio and seeing the incredible amount of pre-production artwork that goes into a project of the scope of something like The Last of Us.

During the filing of the rest of our development series for Naughty Dog, I walked past their concept art wall countless times. And, a few times, I had time to just stop and get lost in it all. It's this feeling that we wanted to capture. The second source of inspiration came from Gustavo Santaolalla's unbelievable soundtrack for the game—something we'd become intimately familiar with while editing Grounded.

 I'm not sure Naughty Dog understood exactly what our proposal was, at first, but they still decided to give us a shot at what, really, is kind of a surreal experiment. Ideally, you have the means to hook this up to a large screen in a dark room, but either way, we hope you enjoy it.